Education has given me more than just the ability to make choices in my life. It has given me a sense of purpose, pride and confidence and I truly wish that for my students and any learner for that matter. I desire them to possess an excitement of learning, sharing that enthusiasm and what they learn with others. I hope that they take an active role in their education, to make decisions about their learning and most importantly, that they enjoy it.


I facilitate a number of jewellery and object making workshops and classes throughout the year. They currently run at the JamFactory centre for contemporary craft in Adelaide, South Australia. Please see the listings below for details.


This specialised 1-day workshop will give you the opportunity to learn and experience the processes involved in making spoons. Each participant will make a silver teaspoon as well as couple of brass examples. Traditional flatware techniques will be discussed and alternatives to traditional methods will be shown. Some techniques that will be covered are forging, pressing, soldering, planishing and finishing of work. All materials are supplied including the silver and brass. Some strength is needed for the class, as we will be doing some repetitive hammering and bending.

Time: 10am – 4pm
Date: Saturday 5th May 
Cost: $325
Bookings: Visit the JamFactory website here

During this 2-class workshop participants will be introduced to carving and manipulating wax, which will be sent off to industry to be cast using the lost wax casting technique. Once castings have returned, they will be cleaned up and turned into wearable pieces using traditional jewellery making techniques.

No previous jewellery experience is required for this class, but if you have some basic jewellery fabrication skills, this workshop will add to them and give you more practical and innovative techniques to create with metal, while also providing you with contacts and lots of tips and tricks for casting projects in the future.

There will be additional charges for the casting fee and the silver/metal that is used for your pieces, which is dependent on the metal price for the day.

Time: 10am – 1pm
Dates: Saturday 21st & 28th July
Cost: $285
Bookings: Visit the JamFactory website here

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